Dental Crowns/Bridges

What are they?

  • Dental Crowns (left image)

Also known as caps. These restorations can help protect teeth from further breakdown from large fillings or compromised teeth from decay.

  • Bridges (image below)

These restorations help restore areas of missing teeth by including two or more teeth as supporting structures. 


Sometimes teeth may have large fillings or compromised remaining tooth structure left after the removal of decay. 

  • Crowns or Bridges can help restore strength to teeth, provide better chewing capability, and maintain you proper bite

Many times, crowns can be used to improve one's smile by providing better esthetics which may lead to a more confident smile. 

Teeth are an INVESTMENT.

Unlike sharks, we don't keep generating new sets of teeth

  • Better quality of life may be experienced from receiving a respective crown or bridge. 
  • Ultimately, you're teeth are WORTH IT!