Jaw Pain by Ear/Grinding Teeth/Headaches


Having pain in the jaw region is not an uncommon finding or reason for why people come to visit the dentist. Your jaw is a complex joint that bears a great deal of stress over a course of a lifetime. Sometimes this joint can become damaged through various ways such as:

  • Night time grinding of teeth
  • Clenching
  • Stress 
  • Overstretching 

Possible Treatment

Though there are more complex treatments to helping this issue, a nonsurgical method that can help many individuals is through the use of a night guard. 

  • A night guard, not only limited to use at night, is custom appliance that fits to your teeth and is worn to help alleviate possible excessive jaw loads that can be traumatic to your joints in the jaw. 

Ask Us!

If you are on one of the many who suffer from pain in the jaw region, a night guard may provide a solution to remedy your discomfort. 

  • Talk to us to see if you would be a good candidate!