The Simplified Process.

More recently, implants have become one of the best and more predictable types of restorations to replace a tooth or multiple teeth. 

1. Implant placed

The implant is placed in the area that is desired to be replace and allowed begin the integration phase. 

  • For this process, you will be referred to a highly trained gum specialist who will monitor the healing until you are scheduled in our office for your new restoration. 

2. Integration phase

During this stage, the implant integrates for approximately 4-6 months depending of bone and other factors. 

3. Healing Abutment

Following the integration phase, the implant is exposed and a healing cap is placed for approximately 1 week to help allow your gums to better adapt to the new tooth. 

4. Your NEW Restoration!

After the gums adapt, you will be scheduled at our office to have your new restoration placed